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Fair Measures, Inc. - Legal Training for Managers
Legal Training for Managers and Employees

Employment Law FM trainerTraining for your organization leads to lower employee turnover, and therefore higher customer satisfaction, which in turn drives profits. Good managers determine if people stay or go.

Since 1982, Fair Measures has been a proven leader in providing strategic, engaging legal training for managers that gives them practical leadership skills they can use every day.  Taught by our attorney-trainers, our dynamic classroom and web workshops have helped hundreds of thousands of supervisors to manage within the law, hire the best, use e-mail responsibly, act ethically, accommodate employees with disabilities, control overtime, handle leaves, oversee temps and contractors, prevent workplace harassment, and more.

"The instructor was funny, engaging and very knowledgeable. Her experience and knowledge of case law brought a broader context to the material."
- Manager, Applied Materials, Inc.

Fair Measures classroom training and webinars are relevant – smart – fun. The result: managers think not just about the law, but about respect and leave inspired to lead by their values.


Beyond compliance! REAL legal training for managers where you not only gain legal know-how, but also the communication and strategic business skills needed to achieve your goals and facilitate in creating a respect-filled workplace.

Essentially known as the HR manager's best friend, our training programs are a key part of management development curriculum at companies such as Oracle, Adobe, Applied Materials, and more.

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Management Training Webinars - our webinars are based on the proven principle that people learn by doing.


"Ann did a great job at keeping us all engaged. This was one of the best run and organized virtual trainings that I have ever attended!"
- Manager, Oracle Corporation


Fair Measures webinars


We don't just say we're engaging; we have the metrics to prove it. We guarantee 15 interactions per hour, and not just polls and video case studies; participants can also ask questions at any time and have them answered during the web workshop by our attorney-trainers. Managers write documentation for case studies based on actual legal cases and see model answers.


Topics covered include AB 1825, harassment prevention, documentation, performance management, EEO/discrimination, Leaves of Absence and Accommodation, overtime, and email-social networking.


To learn more about our classroom training or webinars and how they can benefit your company contact us today at 800-458-2778.

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